RECENTLY COMPLETED PROJECT: Evaluating Copper versus Plastic Pipe for Potable Plumbing

This project is following up on years of technical analysis, discussion, and outreach materials regarding the proper techniques to install copper water pipe. Now that CPVC and PEX plastic pipes have been adopted for potable use in California (2008 and 2010, respectively), the time seemed right to compare these alternatives to copper, from the parallel perspectives of chemical leaching, worker health, and a life cycle analysis. I recently completed this analysis for the Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group. Contact me for a copy of the analysis. Click here to see the current brochure regarding proper copper pipe installation.

ADD YOUR CLASS OR PROFESSIONAL GROUP to my 2014-2015 speaking schedule

I provide one-hour interactive lectures to the following audiences:

  • Hospice and nursing staff - Earn 1 hour of CE unit
  • (recognized by the California State RN Board) as you learn the complexities of proper pharmaceutical disposal and learn the best advice to give to patients and clients.
  • Dental assistant and hygienist college classes - Your students will learn about protecting water quality at the dental office, including proper management of amalgam, silver, and medical waste.
  • Union plumbing and apprentice shops - Learn about proper soldering practices to reduce copper pipe corrosion (a drinking water quality concern).
  • Building inspectors and contractors - We discuss a myriad of water quality issues related to building construction and demolition, including proper hazardous waste management and plumbing installation.

Contact me to sign up your class or professional group. These lectures are provided free-of-charge; my time and travel are underwritten by the Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group.